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This door has truly interested me. It sits on a building that had been owned by the phone company and a police officer tells me that she has never seen it open in over thirteen years.

I am guesssing that the door originated in Morocco, but really don't know. Having traveled throughout the Pacific Rim, doors always held great interest for me. I can think of one in particular in an old section of Macau that had been boarded up. The address on the door was "1".

So, what lies behind this door? How did it get here? Where is it from. Why is it never open? So many quesions and no answers.

I have been trying to capture the feeling that this door gives me each time I see it either as an image or in real life. Doors are like our eyes "A window to our soul." So much goes on behind them that is life changing. So I am forever curious.

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